Suns ownership situation a factor in Cam Johnson

Cam Johnson is in the long term plans for the Phoenix Suns, despite the two sides failing to agree on a contract extension before Monday’s deadline.

Phoenix Suns general manager James Jones told Arizona Sports’ Burns & Gambo such and that there was mutual interest to get a deal done.


Jones and Johnson had to negotiate with uncertainty as to who will own the Suns going forward, which the general manager said was a factor in their talks but not the be-all and end-all.

“It’s one of the factors, it’s not the overriding factor, but you look at it and say, ‘What does the next ownership group look like?'” Jones explained.

Jones said he had the green light to make a financial commitment to the 26-year-old


but he noted that Johnson is very confident in his worth and the two sides simply didn’t agree on the numbers.

“We could have agreed and we would have been able to sign him and get him locked down with us for a while, but it didn’t happen and we’ll look towards next summer,” Jones said.