Eagles Remain Unbeaten, but Their One Big Flaw Continues to Show

Yes, it's nitpicking to try to find anything wrong with a team that's 8-0 and often looks dominant and maybe even unbeatable.

But the Eagles won't have to look hard at their 29-17 victory over the Texans in Houston on Thursday night to find the one thing that could be a big thing down the road.


This Eagles' run defense isn't good, and they have long stretches of absolutely terrible tackling.

The Texans, 1-6-1 and probably the worst team in the NFL, came pretty close. They were tied 14-14 at the half and down only 21-17 when the fourth quarter started.

But the Texans were able to sustain drives — including their first scoring drive on the opening possession all season long


The Eagle's defense knew Pierce was coming because the Texans don't have much else. But the first-year back from Florida just kept running through them time after time.