Mariah Carey Poses in a Lavish Bathtub in a Glamorous New Video


In a recent Instagram post, Mariah Carey sent social media into a frenzy with a new video of her fabulous bathtub.

On her Instagram account, the Emotions singer, 52, decided to be to on camera. She appeared in a large pool of bubbles which she blew towards the camera and teased fans with a hilarious audio clip she slid into the video.

A caption pops up during the clip: “Not yet,” which is followed by a hilarious clip of a mother and child bickering. Somebody replied: “Not yet…”

Mariah climbed back on stage and mouthed along with her fans, teasing that they should watch out for the great things to come.

“Not yet the start of the Christmas season!” One excited fan joked. Others agree, eagerly anticipating the show-stopping moment.

One-third said: “The Queen of Christmas is thawing.” One-fourth added: “Hurry, we can’t wait anymore!!!”

In the funny post, Mariah looked stunning. She wore beautifully crafted silver earrings together with her gorgeous blonde hair in downright magnificent waves.

Her makeup look was on-point, with some fluttery false lashes, gold eyeshadow, and pink lipstick.

The stunning bathtub sat in the most opulent bathroom, decorated with gold walls and a high ceiling. Behind the pop star sits a collection of floral arrangements and a pair of gold curtains to complete the look.

This is a lovely bathroom that has been designed with impeccable detail. Think about the small details, like the wicker basket full of fresh, rolled-up towels as well as a large circular mirror on the back wall.

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