Volvo is Preparing for a Change in the Commercial Truck in the U.s. Market

Freightliner and parent company Daimler doesn’t account for production model sales yet because the eCascadia and eM2 EVs are strictly prototypes for now.

The company has 40 of these EV big rigs undergoing tests throughout the U.S., but Volvo began its commercial EV testing and pilot programs long before many competitors.


Shipping giant Maersk bought 16 Volvo VNR Electric trucks last year for its Performance Team division, which handles warehouse distribution in Southern California.

Elsewhere, NFI Industries has ordered 60 EV trucks from Volvo after having participated in a pilot program operating two Volvo EV big rigs in 2020.


The Volvo VNR Electric trucks have a range of up to 275 miles, which is enough to make two daily trips between ports in Southern California and NFI warehouses further inland, per AN.