Khloe Kardashian Reveals Baby Boy’s Name


Khloé is the youngest Kardashian and was not a spitting image of her siblings.

KUWTK viewers have been able to get an inside look into her weight-loss and gym journey, while she has been promoting her program with potentially harmful weight-loss products on social media. Her critics haven’t been willing to overlook this promotion of potentially dangerous products.

Of course, she denies publicly having the operation.

She has beautiful, nearly untouched skin and is also someone of Kardashian body shape.

The Kardashians have the most famous enhanced pouts. Kylie Jenner has her makeup line, which includes the signature lips part of her brand.

Khloé Kardashian hints at her and Tristan Thompson's baby boy's name |  Flipboard

But now Khloé is giving her competitor a run for her money!

Her plastic-y appearances and disingenuous claims are pushing a narrative on her becoming more of an everyday woman like you.

Just like her sisters, she’s well-known for uploading selfies and photoshoots about her relationships; however, some of the images she’s been posting recently have attracted some negative opinions.

“Every item in the collection is one of a kind and has been hand-selected by us, giving it new life.”

Lots of these items are listed on sites like eBay for hundreds of dollars, sometimes even more than their original retail price.


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