Ana De Armas on ‘Blonde’ Nude Scenes Going Goes Viral I Can’t Control


“I find that it is disgusting how my nude scenes from the highly anticipated Netflix film “Blonde” will most likely go viral on the internet,” said Ana de Armas.

A TV show based on the life of Marilyn Monroe debuts on Sept. 28, on the streaming service. It uses a fictional take on her story.

In an interview with Variety, de Armas discussed what her reaction will be once people see the nude scenes on the internet. “I know what’s going to go viral,” the 34-year-old actress said, being the first to address that aspect of the movie.

Ana de Armas is expecting nude scenes from "Blonde" to go viral on the internet.

“People are taking clips out of context and assuming things about me without even asking for my thoughts. I can’t control that, so it just kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth to think about the future,” she said, with disappointment apparent in her voice.

Even though Monroe was outside of the actress’s comfort zone, with minor changes to her character, she did it for their director, Andrew Dominik and for Marilyn Monroe. “In this movie I did things that I would have never done for anyone else. Going outside my comfort zone and doing it for her and Andrew,” she said.

De Armas also shared that she committed herself to embodying Marilyn Monroe and even visited her cemetery throughout the filming process. She said, “From the beginning of this shoot I felt like I was chasing Marilyn Monroe thinking that she always feels a little bit harder to catch.”

“I couldn’t let her go.” She went to visit her at the cemetery a few times. She would’ve liked to visit one more time,” she said.

This is why “Blonde” received a NC-17 rating

Because 17 year olds cannot see NC-17 movies in the theater, an R rating is the equivalent of an R rating.

The Cuban actress said it’s confusing to her how the film was given such graphic content and rating. The actress argues that films with more offensive content than “Blonde” have already been released.

She said in her L’Officiel cover story that: “I didn’t understand why that happened” because she’s seen “a number of shows or movies with more sexual content and explicit language than Blonde”.

While many people are not happy with the explicit scenes in the movie, it is still necessary for telling the story that they were trying to tell.

Ana de Armas received backlash after taking on the iconic role of Marilyn Monroe.

“Like in any story, to tell this story it is important to show all these different moments in Marilyn’s life that make her the way she did,” [the cast member said]. “It is important to explore so many moments where she went down the wrong path.” Every [cast member] knew they had to go through a lot of uncomfortable moments. I wasn’t the only one.

Originally, she appeared in “Knives Out,” but in her first starring role, she is cast as the actress Blonde. Fans were upset her because they felt she was not a good fit due to the fact that she’s English and speaks with a Cuban accent.

She wasn’t discouraged by criticism and added pressure from playing such an iconic role. She said that everyone should feel pressure when playing a famous person’s role, whether it’s as a mimic or an essay about their state of mind at the time. Her performance was not an imitation but was a way to give insight into the icon’s mindset.

Actress Ana de Armas was supported by the Marilyn Monroe Estate, whose rep, Mark Rosen, told Variety that although the estate doesn’t sanction the film, “Ana was a great casting

Netflix’s first NC-17 rated film, “Blonde” is set to be released on September 28. The streaming platform will make it available for audiences worldwide.


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