Lea Michele TikTok On The Theory That She Can’t Read


“Calling Jonathan Groff to read me the comments,” Michele joked in her second video for the social media platform.

The Golden Globe nominee, 36, posted her second TikTok ever (a video on the social media site), and it seems like she is countering the comments on the first one, which brought back internet conspiracy that she cannot read or write.

This conspiracy theory was pushed by several TikToks and social media threads, which stated that Michelle had never learned to read. 

People claim to have “evidence” by sharing one YouTube caption writing, “I hope you don’t need this.” The comments underneath these videos are full of jokes about her communication skills.

Lamya, the lip-syncing app, features a clip of Kim Kardashian saying “Hey … it’s amazing” and then laughs. In the caption, Lamyra simply says “lol.”

Michele told The New York Times that rumors of her quitting the show due to the rumor are untrue.

Lea Michele Makes Her First TikTok 'Funny Girl' Themed

Michele said that she went to Glee every day, knowing her lines, and then a rumor starts saying she can’t read or write. It’s sad, she says.

Just last month, she joked about the alleged relationships with two very hunky guys. When the rumors were brought up again in March 2018, she made sure to dismiss them with a sense of humor by tweeting to one fan who said that she must be “laughing her head off” for all these reports: “You loved reading this tweet, and wanted to write me back? Laughing out loud at all this?”

In her first video, Michele collaborated with another TikTok user to lip sync to the show’s signature tune in a video of their voices being interrupted by clapping.

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Her TikTok wasn’t too far from the truth, as her first night onstage received a total of four standing ovations before the end of act one, including one after the

Michele is currently on hiatus from Funny Girl after testing positive for COVID-19. She announced on September 11th on her Instagram Story that she tested positive and will be taking 10 days off as she recovers.

“Unfortunately, I have officially tested positive for COVID,” she wrote. “In following production protocol, I cannot return to work until 10 days.” She was grateful because they wouldn’t have been exposed.

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