Zhou Guanyu was feeling confident after practice at the Japanese Grand Prix


Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu has said they are confident of doing well at the Japanese Grand Prix. They have been doing well in practice sessions as of now and hope to go up from their mid table position.

F1 rookie says that he is ‘happy’ with the performance and ‘excited’ about his progress.

The Alfa Romeo driver was slow in the first practice, but improved in the second. He managed to rise from 11th to 10th.

The fastest lap in the second practice was George Russell’s one minute 41.935 seconds, followed by Lewis Hamilton’s with 0.235 seconds behind.

Max Verstappen, the leader of Red Bull, was third in the race and finished behind Lewis. If Max were to win the Grand Prix with the fastest lap, he would retain his world champion position.

Zhou Guanyu feels confident after Japanese Grand Prix practice -Xinhua

Zhou Mengyao offered the speculation, “The track condition might be artificial because the tire tracks were actually drying, so it took some time for us to get used to driving in these conditions.”

“There were a lot of rivers across the track,” he said. “It made it very difficult on Friday, but the car performed very well.”

The results showed that both cars start on the same device, but one car would eventually have a new wing.

The upgrade will move them forward and allow for more consistent play on the court.

The first Chinese Formula One driver, Charles Zhou, has a three-year deal with Alfa Romeo. He is 20th in the drivers’ standings and has scored six points.

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